Pantone Color of the Year 2018 | Ultra Violet

“ultra violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos…the intrigue of what lies ahead” – Pantone

Dig if you will, Ultra Violet – the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year

Late to the party? Of course I am, but allow me to amend that statement because – fashionably– late to the party is a bit more appropriate.

Ok, so let’s dig into this bunch grapes.

“Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” At least, that’s what Pantone wants me to take away from their selection. Inventive? Not buying it. Imaginative? Ok, I’ll give you that one because purple is the color of royalty and aren’t we all pretending to be kings/queens/and everything in betweens of our destiny? (Unless you’re Prince, because that guy was actual royalty. Or at least the only royal I bow my head to. RIP)

As creatives, we love Pantone. They are our lovable yet obnoxiously pretentious design friend who overpays for basics simply for the sake of aesthetics. We also kinda hate ’em because their homewares tend to ere on the side of terrible quality. But there is one thing we can all agree on; every December we designy types wait with bated breath for the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year. 2016 brought a fresh (albeit boring) twist with the introduction of 2 colors, 2017 played it safe with a universal green, and now 2018 has slipped into something dark and mysterious. They’ve shocked. They’ve Soothed. Now, they shroud us in mystery ::cue the film noir fog::.

“Ultra violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos…the intrigue of what lies ahead” I like the sound of that. My inner 15 year old art class goth kid relished the color selection because while not “inventive”, purple (excuse me – Ultra Violet) IS evocative. Purple is sexy. Purple is soothing while somehow also managing to be a bit intimidating, even a bit unsettling. Purple is night. Purple is the delight we felt as kids discovering the mystery that is mixing red and blue tempera paint in kindergarten. Purple felt and still feels like sorcery.

Purple was, is and will always remain a mystery. Considering the tumult of 2018, the current state of the world feels a bit too chaotic for the mystery of Ultra Violet to truly manifest. Ultra violet feels as though it is a couple years ahead of its time. 2018 feels “grey” to me. A stormy blue-slate to be exact, but let’s not wax philosophical about that.

Ultra Violet, you’re a lovely but uninspiring shade of purple. I love you, but you’ve always been there. From my goth days to my current nail polish drawer, you are always ready to breathe a little intrigue into my life. A subtle, quiet intrigue that creeps its way in and leaves a femme fatale fragrance in its wake. No, that’s not 2018 to me but who cares. You’re pretty.

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