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pantone color of the year


“A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new BEGINNINGS” – Pantone

So fresh, so green…you either love it, or hate it, right? Wrong! Is it possible to loathe a color that is part of our daily lives?  What sort of person finds the color of spring leaves detestable? Bad people, thats who! Alright, so let’s have some green-tinted nerdy design fun shall we?

What objects come to mind when you think “Green”; succulents? avocados? or perhaps those cute pistachio macarons everyone likes to look at but not eat? How does green make you feel; refreshed? healthy? energized?

From spring chutes to your kale smoothie, green is the color of vitality and renewal. Everyone can use a little pep in their figurative step these days, and like the distinctive punch of grapefruit on your tastebuds in the morning, Pantone’s Greenery infuses your day with a little dose of chromatic zest. It’s a safe assumption that such sentiments resonate universally in correlation to our vertiginous little friend. It comes as no surprise to me – and I’m sure to fellow creatives everywhere – that  “Greenery” was selected as 2017’s Color of the Year.

2016 brought us the “controversy” of not one, but two colors of the year and for 2017 it seems a practical decision to keep things uncomplicated. The resurgence of the mid century minimalist movement can’t be ignored, many are seeking methods to pare down one’s existence while at once bringing a touch of nature into our lives. Consumer culture is being second-guessed, and millennials the world over are trading their extra iPhones for a few succulents and the dream of owning an energy efficient, biodegradable tiny house.

Pantone has even charmingly partnered with Air BnB to open a “Greenery” themed rental (read: paradisiacal hipster domicile ) which plays on our innate desire to reconnect with nature in a contemporary way. Lets face it, some of us simply can’t be bothered with lacing up a pair of hiking boots.

pantone color of the year

The more humanity becomes entrenched and suffocated by technology the more nature beckons. Nature is good or for you. Don’t believe me? I dare you to question whether taking a 15 minute walk in fresh, clean air feels better than breathing stale air in an office break room.


Pantone’s decision may not be as divisive as color selections in recent years (who ever thought Marsala worked?) and where some may see it as too simple, perhaps even a bit of a cop out, I find it to be just right. The color is bright, but not too bright, green but not too green. The color of granny smith apples, and of the grass you once rolled around on as a kid. It is the color of sunlight streaming through that fig-leaf fern i’ve  managed to not destroy in my apartment.

In its own strange way, green is a unifier and unification is what the world is calling out for. Perhaps this is too lofty a concept to place on a color,  but let’s not dance with negativity. Take Greenery at face value, as a symbol of rebirth and of hope. Pantone, you did good this year. You kept the choice symbolic, simple and drama free. Exactly what humanity should strive to be.

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