Poo Pourri Rebranding Case Study

I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I see redesigned packaging. REALLY excited…. like being in high school and hearing the last bell of the day on the final day of the school year excitement. What gets me even more hot and bothered is when products that I personally appreciate get a facelift for the better. Some people out there may be on team “if it aint broke don’t fix it”, which is completely fair, I however staunchly defend rebranding. Like a fresh re-bleach of my peroxide platinum bangs, upgraded packaging is a must for a visually dated brand. Join me for a bit of potty humor, compliments of Poo Pourri.

   Case study: Rebranding Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri before and after
The label for the original scent was certainly not terrible, the new packaging gives it a healthy nod. The -other- scents needed major help.

We have all watched the YouTube ad, right? I for one have watched it numerous times. (You know its a great commercial when you watch despite its length and completely forget about the video you -had- been planning to watch. )

When Poo Pourri came onto the scene several years ago I purchased it. The novelty of the product was too perfect. Tchotchkes aren’t my shtick, but Poo Pourri isn’t your ordinary tchotchke.  Yes it is a completely ridiculous product, but it is also USEFUL. If that isn’t justification for throwing money at a company who created a product that can easily be recreated with a trip to the grocery store, I don’t know what is. Thats great marketing for you!

In it’s first incarnation, Poo Pourri was the wallflower at the dance, a milky white liquid sitting quietly in a generic plastic spray bottle sporting an uncoated white paper label. Oh the label…can we talk about that for a minute? It looks as though the sticker (because it -is- a sticker) was designed by a group of overzealous scrapbooking queens who tossed back a few bottles of merlot while going bananas with their clip art programs.

Poo Pourri
….see what I mean?

The icing not the cake? A charm dangling from the cap. The bottle looked very much like the tawdry discount store version of a  hi-end fragrance.

Don’t get me wrong, the original packaging was cute. Tacky-cute. Tacky absolutely has its place in the world (Tiki bars anyone?) but there was no way Poo Pourri could show it’s face and hope to contend with the sleek packaging of products at Ulta. In it’s previous state, Poo Pourri’s highest aspiration could only be a novelty item at Walmart.

Poo Pourri
Really with the camo?

Fast forward to Christmas 2015. My bottle of Poo Pourri was running low  (turns out, the stuff also makes a great general purpose air freshener, woohoo!) so I decided to check out the holiday deals. To my impish delight, not only was Poo Pourri offering a holiday sale (and ridiculously cute “packaged in a toilet paper tube” stocking stuffers for $10) THEY COMPLETELY REBRANDED!!!!!

The moment I visited the site, angels were singing and a single tear slowly travelled down my cheek. Gone were the days of the ugly plastic bottle which currently sat atop my toilet tank. The homely little potty spray had disappeared from society and returned with new debutante glory. I placed my order upon recovering from a quick death.

Soon after, the bottles arrived and they felt as good as they looked. The smooth matte finish of the wrapper punctuated by areas of glossy spot varnish was delicious. (I’m all about tactile design, people.) I love full molded plastic wraps – they are a fantastic way to conceal how much product has been used. Kudos to Poo Pourri for employing a cleverly designed window along the side which allows for peeping of remaining product.

The baroque style artwork is cohesive throughout the product line and drop dead gorgeous. Beautifully illustrated putti tossing around toilet paper? I’ll take it.

Nice job Poo-Pourri! Keep it classy.

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